True intuitive eating is easy and pleasurable. It is what happens when we let go of control. Our bodies know what they're doing. They know when, what, and how much to eat. Eating is effortless when we get out of the way and let our bodies do their thing. Intuitive eating means allowing ourselves to have what we want without restriction, deprivation, or control. When we follow our instincts and desires around food, we find freedom. We really can trust the wisdom of our bodies.


Veronica Sisson
Research Assistant

After working with Lyndsi, I noticed a very natural and effortless shift in my eating habits. Specifically, I began to listen to what my body wanted to eat in the moment rather than rationalizing or going into my past patterns of extreme over/under eating and yo yo dieting. After this work, I eat what I want, I stop when I am full, and I no longer experience anxiety when I indulge. I feel happy, energized, and like I finally have a healthy relationship with food.

Kadi Debbah
Yoga Teacher & Counsellor.

Working with Lyndsi I learned how to listen to myself again. Over the past years I have grown distant from my inner knowing around food, listening only to the ‘experts’ out there and losing sight of my body’s needs. I was out of control, deeply unhappy and that showed in my body, and my relationship to it. Working with Lyndsi helped me return to sanity. Week after week I felt my confidence grow, trusting myself, willing to listen to my body’s guidance.

Her support and deep knowledge, her generous and loving nature, and her fierce devotion to intuition as a guide are the most valuable gifts for this journey.

I feel free again. I love my body and trust myself – some of the treasures I received in our sessions.


I’m Lyndsi, an Intuitive Eating & Body Image Coach.

I help women find freedom from the obsession with food and body.

My passion for this work was inspired from my own tortured relationship with food and body image.

For over a decade, I was crazy around food and hated my body. In that time, I really did my research. I’ve experienced it all, from anorexia to bulimia, dieting, binge eating, orthorexia, and body dysmorphia. I’ve also been blessed to experience the absence of these conditions – effortless intuitive eating and a deep appreciation for my body.

The only way out is to go all in.

I learned that the way out of eating insanity is to let go of control. I gave myself unconditional permission to eat. I stopped restricting, depriving, and controlling myself. I followed my desires around food. I allowed myself to eat what I wanted, as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted it. I worked to cultivate respect and appreciation for my brilliant body. I stopped feeling frantic around food. I stopped obsessing about food. I stopped feeling guilty for eating. I stopped criticizing my body and wishing there were less of her.

Now I help other women do the same.

I live and work in NYC. When I’m not fighting for women’s freedom, I love to travel, read actual books, and jump on the trampoline with my nieces.